MSC Cruise Ship Family Vacations South Africa

Family cruises - South Africa

MSC Cruises offers the perfect affordable family vacation as kids 17yrs and younger cruise and eat free. A maximum of 2 children UNDER 18 at the time of completion of travel, sharing a 4 bedded cabin with 2 fare paying passengers. Book Now!!!

Your children are always made to feel special with MSC, receiving a dedicated welcome from the Kids Corner in the port terminal onwards. Security bracelets are issued when you board, while beepers or DECT phones can be hired for a modest charge so you can keep in touch at all times.

In addition, cruise ship also offer a complimentary kids program filled with entertainment, fun, and games. Dedicated entertainment and activities are arranged for children in the Children’s Center. The daily activities are divided into age specific groups with themed activities displayed daily in the onboard program. Children’s entertainment is organized into three different age categories:

• Baby Club: Children under 3 years old 
• Mini Club: Children 3 to 6 years old
• Junior Club: Children 7 to 11 years
• Young Club: Children 12 to 14 years
• Teenager's Club: Guests 14 up to 17 years of age

Kid’s club leaders organize lots of great activities, shows, and games such as treasure hunts, a mini-Olympics, painting courses, dancing, arts, and crafts. Each ship has a cheerful, spacious and safe playroom. Knowing your children are with our expert cruise staff, you can relax and enjoy the pool or unwind with an aromatic massage.

When parents are on excursions ashore, the Mini Club and Juniors Club will remain open for children 4 - 12 years of age, allowing parents’ peace of mind. If parents are ashore or involved in other activities, the kids club leaders will also take youngsters to the buffet or the ship’s restaurant for children’s meals (from a dedicated Children’s Menu).

You’ll also find lots of family activities onboard MSC Cruises, such as miniature golf, tennis and basketball. MSC Sinfonia offer dedicated indoor areas for the kids including a video game room. All entertainment activities, both for younger guests and adults are conducted in all languages to cater to the needs of every guest. As ships vary in size and facilities, kid’s activities are not restricted to the Mini Clubs. When parents are on excursions ashore, the Mini Club will remain open, allowing parents’ peace of mind. If parents are ashore or involved in other activities, the kids club leaders will also take youngsters to the buffet or the ship’s restaurant for children’s meals (from a dedicated Children’s Menu). And for families who want to share a shore excursion experience, this affordable family vacation also includes discounts on shore excursions for children (ages vary by destination)!

Galaxy video games Mini golf Tennis and Basketball Court

BABY CLUB (under 3 years)

Baby Club, deck 11

NEW! MSC Babycare Service

MSC has thought about mums and dads too, offering you the opportunity to drop your children off at the Mini Club where they will be looked after by qualified and dedicated staff who will let them play. Subject to prior booking, limited availability, for children between 1 and 3 years old (not inclusive). MSC BABYTIME - BABY CLUB OPEN HOUSE (babies under 3 with parents) Allows children to play with you and other children of their own age.

Available at the following times, exclusively when the ship is AT SEA:
between 13:00 and 14:00 and between 18:00 and 19:00.

NOTE: Completion of a registration form is required. Ask the Mini Club staff once you’re on board. Nappy changing and feeding must be provided by parents.

Drop children between 1 and 3 years old off at the Mini Club where they will be looked after by qualified and dedicated staff.

FREE CHICCO FACILITIES on board: strollers, backpacks, bouncy chairs and bottle warmers.

Edutainment activities include:
- Rhythm and music
- Mini Olympic Games
- Meet our mascot Dorebaby

MINI (3-6 years) & JUNIORS CLUB (7-11 years)

Mini Club and Juniors Club, deck 12

Every young one’s a member of the crew in DOREMILAND, with two special clubs, the Miniclub for Sailors 3-6 years old and the Juniors Club for Pirates aged 7-11. Both clubs are centred on the designer-themed facilities of a dedicated Miniclub on board, staffed by professional entertainers who leave your children free to explore and socialise under their expert supervision, while also offering a wide range of stimulating and exciting activities:

Family welcome talk
Fun time dinner: dinner for kids only with the youth staff every day
Happy dinner: rapid service for families eating together, then kids are taken to Mini Club
Kids around the clock: late night party at Mini & Juniors Club (paid service)

LEGO® Experience day: games, activities, award of LEGO Master Builder certificate

MSC for Unicef day: games, activities, parade, songs, award of passport and on board Unicef Junior Ambassador certificate
MSC cartoons night
Doremi pyjama party
Doremi family night
Kids scary party
Videogames night
Pirates of Doremiland
Kids sports night

YOUNG CLUB (12-14 years) & TEENS CLUB (15-17 years)

Teen Club, deck 12

MSC doesn't treat youngsters and teens like kids. And we don't lump you together either. We give you a place of your own with fantastic supervised facilities where you can meet up and do your own thing. And we treat you like the young adults you are with a massive choice of activities to help make new friends and join them in the independent holiday you deserve.

Teen’s Card: This personalized credit card will provide children aged 12 to 17, with more freedom of movement and allow them to spend small sums on board. These can be used on board like a proper credit card as well as a cruise card. When you board the ship you’ll be given a flyer describing all the benefits and an order form. This way, your Teens’ Card will be delivered directly to your cabin.

- Teens White Party
- Hey Mr DJ
- Sinfonia generation awards 2015 (teen talent contest)
- The Prom (teen formal night)
- Twisted scavenger hunt

DAY: sports & tournaments (football, basketball, dodge ball, minigolf, shuffleboard, table soccer), dance contest, social network games, Wii/Xbox/PS3 challenges

EVENING: Young & Teens dinner with entertainment staff

NIGHT: Radio Sinfonia Generation 2015 (video and music requests every night), Generation Sinfonia Live: (Popstar 2015, iPop competition, Teen Movie Trivia, Boys Generation, Girls Generation, “Kool Karaoke”, Just Dance live)



These fantastic facilities and services for children, youngsters and teens - including all the top games consoles - are only half the reason why an MSC cruise is their favourite holiday. Because they’re also immersed in the fabulous floating world of ultramodern entertainment that makes every MSC voyage an unforgettable experience for all the family, including:

- 4D Cinema 
- Formula 1 racing car simulator 
- Aqua Park 
- Kids and Family Pools 
- Virtual World Games

Video Games Arcade
Our video games arcade has a wide range of games for all ages. Teens and adulds will enjoy familiar amusements while grownups can challenge themselves on multi-player machines.

Acqua Park
Its 150 fountains provide endless fun during the day and an astonishing spectacle when lit up to music at night.

Kids’ Pool
Just as adults deserve their own swimming area, so children merit their own fun place for waterplay, too! The New Outdoor Spray Park on deck 13 has a brand new play area with water features like the fountain snake, bird tree, slide deck and water pipe. 

Sports Amenities
Onboard ships sports amenities are equally extensive, with tennis, squash and basketball courts, shuffleboard, a jogging track and four swimming pools, including the amazing mini-golf.

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Following the announcement of the new regulation put into place by the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding travelling with children in and out of South Africa, please take urgent note of the below summary and the extract from the Publication of the Draft Immigration Regulations 2014 in regard to documentation required when travelling with children under 18 years.

New travel regulations relating to travel with children  

- Both parents travelling with child(ren) under the age of 18 years have to produce a full/unabridged birth certificate for the child (both parents’ details must be on the birth certificate).
- One parent travelling with child(ren) must have consent from other parent in the form of an affidavit or custody agreement confirming permission to travel with child(ren)
- One parent travelling with child(ren) and other parent passed away, must produce death certificate of deceased parent.
- Guardians travelling with child(ren) must provide affidavits from parents giving permission for child(ren) to travel. 

Failing to provide these documents will result in being denied boarding. 

Questions relating to any of these changes should be directed to the South African Department of Home Affairs.