Great Cape Town travel deals

cape town travel deals

If you love to travel and are looking for a world class yet affordable destination, then you should be looking at one of these Cape Town travel deals or Cape Town hotel specials.

Cape Town is beautiful, Cape Town is affordable, Cape Town is accessible, Cape Town is hip and happening, Cape Town has great beaches, Cape Town has great weather, Cape Town has some of the world’s best wines. But if you are looking for the best in value, then Cape Town travel deals just got a whole lot cheaper!

The South African currency, the Rand has weakened significantly in the last year against all major international currencies. So booking a trip to Cape Town now, is like giving yourself an instant 20% discount on your trip. So why wait? Who knows how long this will last. Even if you travel next year, book and pay now and your rate will be secure.

Cape Town has some of the best tours and activities, restaurants, wildlife, people and adventurous pursuits in the world. Cape Town (16 September 2015) was just named as one of the world’s most beautiful cities  by the Daily Telegraph in the UK. That is only one of the many accolades that Cape Town has received recently. Tripadvisor, CNN, Conde Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet have also bestowed similar accolades on Cape Town.

Cape Town already offers great travel value, but once you arrive in Cape Town you will realize that the real deal, the best value is in the standard and the cost of things on the ground.

We recently conducted our own survey of clients that have taken advantage of our travel deals and travelled with us from around the world. It’s not a very scientific survey, but we compared things that were common to all cities that people would be able to compare. Things that people spend money on when on holiday. We compared the price of a litre of petrol, a McDonald’s meal, a pint of beer at a local pub, eating out at a regular and a fine dining restaurant and a bottle of house wine for example

You can view contribute to the survey here but the findings were very interesting

It turns out that Cape Town is about 50% cheaper on 90% of the items surveyed than any of the cities outside of South Africa that we surveyed. London, Amsterdam, Vienna, New York, Dublin, San Diego were just some of the cities from which we received responses.

So in the words of our very own South African icon Nelson Mandela: “Now is the time”

We use these words in the context of finding the best travel deals to Cape Town

Don’t delay! Contact us now and book your place in the sun in Cape Town.

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