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cape town tours

How to choose Cape Town tours

Cape Town has so much to offer visitors. The city’s natural beauty combined with her cultural diversity and extraordinary history make for an awe inspiring travel destination. But with so much on offer in Cape Town, what is the best way for you to maximize your experience of the Mother City.

We believe that the best way to truly experience Cape Town and get under the city’s skin is to take one or more of the many Cape Town tours that are on offer. Most people spend somewhere between 3 days and two weeks on a Cape Town holiday. With such diversity, you could easily spend all day, every day on tour but that would have you going home feeling like you needed a holiday! Not a good idea unless you are a Duracell bunny.

So making the right selection of Cape Town tour needs to be done strategically. First step is to make a short list from a selection of our top 20 Cape Town tours to give you an idea of what is available. Or you can have a look at some of our pre-packaged tours which include some of the top Cape Town tours.

To help, we have compiled a list of questions that you should ask yourself which should help you make the right choices:

  1. How many days are you in Cape Town?
  2. Of those, many days do you want to be on tour (give or take)?
  3. Do you enjoy private tours where it is guide in vehicle and you, your companion and or family or do you prefer joining a tour with other strangers. Private tours are generally more expensive, but in most cases the experience overshadows to price difference.
  4. What is the maximum size of the group? Most of our tours are conducted in luxury mini vans. But some companies offer tours in larger or more basic vehicles so it pays to ask.
  5. What are your interests and prioritise those you want to do on your own versus those you think you would like to do as a tour. Take for example a tour of the Cape Winelands. If you do it on your own in a hired car you probably will waste time trying to find places, won’t know the best wineries and when you are out there in an area that has so much history that you probably will miss a lot as there will be no-one pointing things out and explaining. But most importantly, one person, the driver will not be able to taste the gorgeous South African wine!
  6. Budget is a consideration as although most Cape Town tours offer excellent value, certain tours may involve equipment, etc that cost extra and the costs can quickly escalate.

By far the best way of planning is to contact one of our professional travel consultants who will gladly assist in joining the dots.

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