Cape Town Holidays

Cape Town holidays

Cape Town holidays are the best! Cape Town sits at the southern tip of Africa. It has a mild Medeteranean climate with warm dry summers and short cool winters, making it a year round holiday destination.  The city was recently nominated in the top 10 of the Daily Telegraph’s most beautiful city in the world pageant. This is hot on the heels of a number of similar accolades that have been lavished on the “Mother City” by the likes of CNN, Tripadvisor, Conde Nast Traveller, Lonely Planet to mention a few. Cape Town has affectionately been given this name, The Mother City, as it is the oldest city in South Africa.

Many international airlines fly to South Africa and a number fly non-stop into Cape Town making Cape Town holidays accessible to people around the globe. Cape Town is the perfect holiday destination for the following reasons:

  1. Climate: As mentioned it has a mild climate. Average tempreturrs in Summer (October – April) are in the mid 20’s (celcius) with very little humidity. Winters tempretures on average are around 15 degrees C. Tempretures drop lower at times and it can be wet, but this makes for perfect holiday weather if you like cosy sitting by a fire and sipping excellent red wine. Also, there are so many Cape Town winter holiday specials to be had!
  2. Beauty: Cape Town is insanely beautiful. The city is situated on the waters edge looking North up the west coast of Africa towards Robben Island. Behind the city, rising over 1000 metres from sea level, is the majestic Table Mountain one of the 7 Wonders of Nature and a stunning backdrop to the city. All of Cape Town and the surrounding suburbs are located on a peninsula with beautiful beaches, restaurants, hotels and guest houses and plenty outdoor activities to suit even the most adventurous traveller.
  3. Quality: Holiday makers are looking for quality goods and services and Cape Town does not disappoint on this level. Locals and holiday makers are really spoiled for choice in the quality department. Whether you are just looking for a local restaurant to dine at, or are looking for a boutique hotel, or if it is fine jewellery you are after, the quality is exceptional and this brings me to the next point which is value
  4. Value: The value for money that you will experience on a Cape Town holiday would be hard to match anywhere in the world. Especially when you consider the quality and the variety. The cost of things in Cape Town on holiday are around 50% cheaper than comparable destinations around the world. 
  5. Variety: The variety that one is exposed to on a holiday in Cape Town makes it appealing to everyone. There literally is something for everyone. Whether you are a family, on honeymoon, an adventure junkie, interested in culture, art, history, wildlife or all of the above, Cape Town astounds with variety and the best way to experience this is to take a tour or two while on holiday.

With so much to choose from, there is a good chance that you might need some help in planning Cape Town holidays, so please contact one of our willing and able travel consultants as that is what we are here for.

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