What is your best hotel Cape Town?

best hotel cape town

That is the question being asked by would be travellers from around the world.

Cape Town has some of the best hotels in the world. But choosing the best hotel Cape Town is a very difficult and subjective task. Many people automatically think that the most expensive hotel is going to be the best hotel in Cape Town.

Well in Cape Town, that is not the case. There are some really great value Cape Town hotels that would rival any of the best in the world. Okay granted, you won’t be staying in a 10th century castle as our built history only dates back to the 1600’s. But this is Africa and there is no shortage of unique, funky, beautiful, ethnic, eclectic, luxury, quirky, modern, cozy, classic, etc hotels. There is something to suit everyone. Just browsing our Cape Town accommodation listings will give you an idea of the varied nature, the awesome settings, the great pricing of some of the best hotels in Cape Town.

Here are 5 important considerations when choosing your best hotel in Cape Town:

1 - Budget: Choose how much you want to spend giving yourself a bit of leeway either way. Remember, Cape Town hotels are generally priced per person per night and the norm is based on bed and breakfast

2 - Type of trip: Obviously a leisure trip would be very different from a business trip, and the hotel required could be very different, but going a bit deeper, what is your idea of a leisure trip? Are you wanting somewhere quiet and relaxed with a beautiful view where you intend spending most of your time sipping cocktails, reading a book and just chillaxing. Or are you an active type that is keen to explore and is only looking for a place to lay your weary head at the end of the day.

3 - Location: So are you a nightlife person who prefers a city centre location close to the action of which Cape Town has plenty. Or do you want an uninterrupted view of the sea and don’t mind driving or taking tours, taxis to restaurants. Or do you prefer a boutique hotel in a country setting away from the madding crowd?

4 - Character: So what is the style and character of your preferred Cape Town hotel? Do you prefer larger hotels where you can remain anonymous and come and go as you please? Or is a more intimate and personal experience what you are looking for like an owner run guest house or bed and breakfast for example?

5 - Hotel standard: Here I effectively mean the star rating of the hotel that you are accustomed to staying in when you travel. Most people have a minimum standard in their heads and Cape Town Hotel standards compare with international rating standards so you can compare

If you need help, please call on one of our professional travel consultants to assist in planning an unforgettable hotel stay in Cape Town.

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