Township Life Experience

township life

Visit the townships of the Cape Flats; KwaLanga, Gugulethu, Nyanga, Khayelitsha and more. Townships are very much a part of the social fabric of Cape Town and South Africa as a whole. Although many people living in townships battle daily with poverty and lack of basic services, they are vibrant places of living, where you will see people full of life and hope. They are testament to the resiliance of the human mind and spirit and if you visit, you will be welcomed and shown something different and something special.

Experience local culture on a township tour where you will meet people who will be glad to show you where they have come from and what has been achieved. It is not invasive, but interactive. Visit a shabeen, a school, a church and or a witch doctor depending on the flow of the day. You will be shown things like their unique style of BBQ Braai (shisanyama) in almost every second corner.

You can visit iconic places like Mzoli's and other places in Guguletu township. Learn how they survive in their daily environment, the language spoken there and more about the Xhosa and other colourful communities.

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Gugulethu township
Khayelitsha township
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Township Tours
Township Tour half day (Duration: 4 hours)
Township Tour including visit to Robben Island (Duration: 8 hours)