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MSC Cruises South Africa is the only international cruise ship operator offering luxury cruises that originate in South Africa. MSC Cruises has been running South Africa cruises since November 2009. Most of MSC's South Africa cruises depart from Durban on the East coast of South Africa and there are also a number of cruises out of international sensation, the port city of Cape Town. The MSC South Africa cruise schedule runs from late October until April every year. For the 2017-2018 South Africa summer schedule, MSC will be operating the beautifully renewed MSC Sinfonia for another fun-filled local summer cruise season.

All MSC Cruises in South Africa have been designed to stimulate all the senses as guests explore everything from the beautiful Portuguese Island in Mozambique to the bustling South African port city of Durban. Or be amazed by the majestic skyline with Table Mountain as the dramatic backdrop to the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, a dramatic mountain that rises above the city’s pretty working harbour and popular V&A Waterfront.

MSC Cruises offer competitive pricing and include value adds like: kids under 18 cruise free and all-inclusive meals. Cruising is fast becoming one of South Africa's most popular ways to travel on holiday. Over and above the excitement of being on a ship and travelling to beautiful destinations, there is also the exceptional choice of on board entertainment. No matter what your age or taste, there will be something to suit your interests and style.

The renewed MSC Sinfonia is an engineering masterpiece. The modification which began in January 2015 has created something spectacular. The Fincantieri's world-class marine engineers in Italy first bisected the hull, and then carefully drew the two halves of the ship apart. They then inserted a prebuilt 2,200 geometric ton, 24-metre midsection containing 193 extra cabins. The engineers have refitted and renewed much of the ship's interior, creating an enhanced sense of comfort and space.

The re-birth of MSC Sinfonia has also added an number of exciting new entertainment options, technological enhancements, extended shops and of course increased capacity with nearly 200 extra cabins. The ship which was previously 251 metres long, weighing 60,000 tons and with a capacity 2,069 travellers, in now is 275 meters long, weighing 65,000 tons and can carry 2,680 travellers.

There is no doubt that passengers will benefit from greater facilities and the ever growing market demand for cruising South Africa will be met. BOOK HERE

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