Mother City Queer Project

Place: Cape Town - Cape Town City Hall  (17 Dec 2016 )

Mother City Queer Project in Cape Town

The Mother City Queer Project carnival is considered the biggest ultimate gay costume party in Africa held in Cape Town since it started off in 1994 as a themed costume party celebrating the inclusion of gay rights in South Africa's new Constitution.

The MCQP carnival is the highlight of the gay community’s social calendar each year – and is wildly popular event amongst locals and visitors from all around the world who likes to dress up and have a fabulous party. 

Each year the organising team come up with a different theme for the party and everything revolves around the fun and creativity of the whole event, from live bands, DJ’s, artists and party-goers. On the night you’ll all meet to get ready, it’s the only event in Cape Town where you don’t want to be fashionably late. Too much to see, too many people to do on the night which is full of festivities.

How it all began
In 1994 former President Nelson Mandela ushered in the new South African constitution, which included the crucially important "freedom of sexual orientation" clause. The new Constitution blew-off the closet door - and out came Africa's pent-up queer creative energy which needed a platform on which to express itself. Mother City Queer Projects was born.

MCQP headed-up the need to showcase queer Culture. From this grew the idea of a queer tribal gathering formatted as a themed costume party. The first event in 1994, The Locker Room Project was such a hysterical success, that MCQP has grown and grown to become an annual event on the international queer circuit party calendar.

What MCQP stand for
MCQP has the primary aim of bringing hetero and homosexuals together in a celebratory, unifying way, proving that differences of sexual orientation are simply part of any city's valuable cultural richness. Many other cities around the world are still marching for their rights - in Cape Town we are celebrating our achievements.

How it works
Cape Town is made up of many queer tribes. Once a year, in December, they all get together for Africa's biggest queer tribal gathering - the annual MCQP costume party. This unique home-grown event has put Cape Town on international map of queer culture. It is planned over a period of 6 months, and culminates in weekend of celebration and splendid festivity. It has become a cultural phenomenon in the Mother City and attracts 1000's of visitors to Cape Town annually. Travel agents are chartering planes and planning trips for posses of pink playmates to come and taste our wildlife.

In addition to showcasing the richness of our city's creativity, the MCQP costume party also kicks-in the summer season with a memorably marvelous bash.

2016 Theme - Drum roll please

Saturday, 17th December 2016
Venue: Cape Town - Zip Zap Circus Dome
Operating time: 02:00 pm (14h00)

Ticket Costs:
General Admission R410.00
VIP Admission - Queen's Box R975.00

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