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Cape Town city centre. Also depending on where you are staying the tour should be able to fetch you en route. However if you are staying far from the city center then the tour may need to meet you at a predetermined point.

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Caring for Destination

This tour provider has taken action to address one or more issues (whether environmental, social or cultural) which will contribute positively to the long term viability of the destination and hence their site displays a Caring for the destination rating.

Main area of focus in Caring for the Destination:  

Paradise Touring operates on sound eco-friendly green principles. 



Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative: 

The use of hybrid vehicles by Paradise Touring, ensures their position as one of the few carbon neutral tour operators in South Africa.

To further demonstrate commitment to the environment, In 2008 Paradise Touring were awarded a finalist position at the Imvelo Awards for Responsible Tourism.